Screen: Disable the Visual Bell

To disable the visual bell for the current screen instance, hit:


For a permanent fix, put the following into the ~/.screenrc file

vbell_msg "bell: window ~%" # Message for visual bell
vbellwait 2 # Seconds to pause the screen for visual bell
vbell off # Turns visual bell off

VirtualBox: Could not find a storage controller

While I was trying to add a virtual disk to a headless virtual machine, upon running

VBoxManage modifyvm MachineName --hda DiskName.vdi

this error occurs:

ERROR: Could not find a storage controller named 'IDE Controller'

This can be resolved by replacing

<StorageControllers /> 


  <StorageController name="IDE Controller" type="PIIX4" PortCount="2">

Actually, scratch everything above. Use the following tutorial: